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Soccer Science Ltd was created in 2017 with the first annual conference held on 4th June 2018. 


With a schedule full of elite level speakers and high levels of experience in the room from both presenters & delegates, the 2018 conference attracted 150+ delegates as well as top level sponsors & sports tech companies on exhibition and the 2019 event built on that success with 250 delegates attend and a big name keynote speaker in Gary Neville. The Soccer Science conference provides real world insights from experienced professionals at a modern soccer venue.


Topics included at our conference(s) have included:

  • Tactical periodization
  • Developing the elite football athlete
  • Integrating Analysis & Coaching
  • What does a Premier League manager expect of their performance staff
  • Developing the individual player within a team environment
  • Planning a premier league pre season

For more info on previous and upcoming conferences, please visit our conference page here: 

Bringing together the sports most forward thinking specialists

Our members receive some of the best industry insights available all-year round, all a part of attending Soccer Science.

Partners & Sponsors

Soccer Science are delighted to partner with like-minded, forward-thinking organisations looking to drive forward the soccer performance coaching industry.

Exhibition Floors & Startups​

Does your company want to be a part of the Soccer Science Conference exhibition?

Our exhibition has proven to be an invaluable stage for some of the worlds leading sport companies to showcase themselves to industry leading professionals. To join them, contact us here: info@soccer-science.co.uk

Soccer Science Conference 2019
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